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Q) What three items do you need to have with you when you write?

A) Coffee, coffee, and quiet.

Q) How do you pronounce Giles?

A) Buffy fans know this one! Giles is pronounced with a soft G, like gentle, giant, germs.

Q) What are your hobbies when not writing/reading?

A) I’m not a very well-rounded person. I’m a mediocre cook—I prefer to be fed than to feed. Does throwing something in the dirt and hoping it lives count as gardening?

Q) Guilty Pleasures:

A) Rainy days, key lime pie, disaster movies, listening to music at ear-bleeding decibels.

Q) “Not-so-much” things:

A) Spicy foods, hiking, roller coasters, zombie-anything, Game of Thrones, reality TV, sightseeing tours, sports, pork chops, monologues, stadiums, cold soup, the expressions spot on and per se…yeah, okay, this list is getting long.

Q) Best friend or friends?

A) I have besties from every stage of my life, from my first friends—my cousins—through school, college, work, parenting. I cherish all of them for putting up with me supporting me all these years.

Q) Favorite ice cream flavor?

A) I’m an equal opportunity ice cream consumer. I have yet to meet a flavor I don’t like. However, if there’s a pint of vanilla in the freezer, it will not keep me up all night thinking about it.

Q) Pizza or cheeseburger?

A) Pizza, but cheeseburgers are the #1 reason why I can never be a vegetarian.

Q) Worst job you ever had?

A) Working in the dish room of my college dining hall. I smelled like a hot dog cart by the end of my shift. Runner up award goes to mopping floors of same dining hall. I was written up for mopping around a slice of bacon three days in a row.

Q) My happy place:

A) The beach. Any beach will do, but my local beaches in Long Island do the trick when I need a quick fix.